Health benefits to playing golf

Stay healthy and play a round of golf here at Delapre Golf Centre. There are many benefits of playing golf just walking around the course burns of a number of calories especially if you take a bad shot leading you to walk sometimes twice as far as you’d originally hoped, surprisingly even carrying your golf clubs instead of using a trolley will help burn those calories. With the amount of walking involved it’s all good for the cardiovascular system increasing heart rate, while also lowering cholesterol and speeding up your metabolism which helps with weight loss. While all sports are physically stimulating golf can be mentally stimulating boosting brain power and even reducing stress levels, many people enjoy the walk and socialising with others.

Golfing injuries and how to prevent them

Unfortunately with every sport there are injury risks… There are 5 common golf injuries that can be prevented with basic stretches or correct golf wear

  1. Lower back pain – Stretches for the lower back such as side bends and trunk rotations to limber up the lower back
  2. Golfers elbow – strengthen the forearm muscles by an easy effective exercise such as squeezing a tennis ball
  3. Plantar Fasciitis – Wearing appropriate footwear such a golf shoes
  4. Knee pain – Hip and calf stretches reduces stress and shearing on the knee
  5. Shoulder pain – Stretches to the back of the shoulders. For example holding a club at both ends and raising it over your head, then grab both ends of the club behind your back to stretch front of the shoulder joints. Shoulder and neck rolls loosen up the upper torso.

A few other tips: Practice your golf swings, focusing on technique before starting your game

If you carry your golf bag it’s best to use the double straps over both your shoulders to avoid unnecessary injury to shoulders and back


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